Water Resources Management

Special Issue: Climate Proof Fresh Water Supply in Coastal Areas and Deltas in Europe published in the journal Water Resources Management. Volume 31, Issue 2, January 2017

Issue Editors: Ad Jeuken, Mette Termansen, Marco Antonellini, Theo Olsthoorn, Eelco van Beek

ISSN: 0920-4741 (Print)  1573-1650 (Online)
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Knowledge for Climate theme: Fresh water




In this issue eight articles:

Climate Proof Fresh Water Supply in Coastal Areas and Deltas in Europe
Ad Jeuken, Mette Termansen, Marco Antonellini, Theo Olsthoorn & Eelco van Beek (article

Evaluation of Socio-Economic Factors that Determine Adoption of Climate Compatible Freshwater Supply Measures at Farm Level: a Case Study in the Southwest Netherlands
Jeroen A. Veraart, Rianne van Duinen & Jan Vreke (article)

Combined Assessment of Climate Change and Socio-Economic Development as Drivers of Freshwater Availability in the South of Portugal
Tibor Y. Stigter, Marta Varanda, Sofia Bento, João Pedro Nunes & Rui Hugman (article)

Towards Adaptation to Climate Change: Water for Rice in the Coastal Wetlands of Doñana, Southern Spain
Ana Iglesias, Berta Sánchez, Luis Garrote & Iván López (article)

Risk-Based Assessment of Drought Mitigation Options: the Case of Syros Island, Greece
A. S. Giannikopoulou, F. K. Gad, E. Kampragou & D. Assimacopoulos (article)

How Subsurface Water Technologies (SWT) can Provide Robust, Effective, and Cost-Efficient Solutions for Freshwater Management in Coastal Zones
Koen G. Zuurbier, Klaasjan J. Raat, Marcel Paalman, Ate T. Oosterhof & Pieter J. Stuyfzand (article)

Fresh Water Lens Persistence and Root Zone Salinization Hazard Under Temperate Climate
Sija F. Stofberg, Gualbert H. P. Oude Essink, Pieter S. Pauw, Perry G. B. de Louw, Anton Leijnse & Sjoerd E. A. T. M. van der Zee (article)

Dealing with Uncertainties in Fresh Water Supply: Experiences in the Netherlands
Wil Thissen, Jan Kwakkel, Marjolein Mens, Jeroen van der Sluijs, Sara Stemberger, Arjan Wardekker & Diana Wildschut (article)