Workshop Valorisation of PhD Research in Climate Sciences

6 February and 6 March 2014

Do you know how to sell your research? Whether you pursue a career in science or elsewhere, it is of increasing importance to valorise your research (generating social and/or economic impact). In this workshop we will search for the best tips and tricks that will benefit you and your research. This will result not only in a more competitive position, but also in realizing your personal potential and that of your research. For sure you will have learned how to publish your results in scientific journals, but do you really get the most of your results?

Goal of the workshop
This workshop will increase your awareness of the value of your knowledge for practice, and will enable you to transfer this knowledge successfully. After this workshop your ability to assess the societal value of your research will be increased, and you will develop a strategy to consistently realize the potential value of your research.

For whom?
Whether you are primarily modelling or have daily contact with policy makers, there are probably more ways to valorise your research than you may think! Aiming for a career in science? When writing a VENI proposal, this workshop will provide you with a competitive advantage concerning the required knowledge utilization paragraph. In acquiring external project funding it is crucial to emphasize the societal value of your research. Do you prefer a career in government or industry? In that case it is important to stress experience with practice in addition to your scientific skills.

The workshop consists of two afternoons with a break of a month in between. We will invite inspiring experts to discuss their valorisation activities and to reflect on your personal valorisation strategy. Read more about the workshop programme in the flyer

More information and registration

Dates  6 February and 6 March 2014 (afternoons) 
Location The Hague, the Netherlands 
Contact and registration S. de Jong, Rathenau 
Registration fee none 
Credits 1 ECTS for members of SENSE

This workshop is organised by the Rathenau Institute and supported by Knowledge for Climate & SENSE Research School.